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Constantin Tranulis, MD

Constantin Tranulis is a psychiatrist doing clinical work in first episode psychosis and research on cultural and psychosocial dimensions of psychosis. His training in clinical psychiatry was completed with a fellowship in medical anthropology with an emphasis on illness narratives.

Under a broad interest in subjectivity and psychosis, his work ranges from topics in phenomenology and psychoanalysis, insight and illness narratives, stigma and help-seeking behaviors.

His current research explores what narratives are mobilized around persons suffering from a first episode of psychosis. In particular, he is exploring the development of “toxic”, stigmatizing illness narratives in early psychosis both at cultural, interpersonal and individual levels. His research on the “work of culture” aims to better understand how interpersonal safe spaces for working through the difficult and often traumatizing experiences of psychosis are developed either in clinical settings or outside them. He is also conducting a CIHR-supported ethnography of the First Episode Psychosis Movement. 

constantin [dot] tranulis [at] gmail [dot] com (e-mail) website

Selected Articles

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