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Nathalie Dinh, PhD

Nathalie Dinh, PhDNathalie Dinh, Ph.D., is Professional Chief of Psychology at St. Mary's Hospital Center, in Montreal, Canada. She received her training in psychology at McGill University and the University of Montreal.

Allan Young, PhD

Joyce Young

Dr Young is Professor in the Departments of Social Studies of Medicine, Anthropology and Psychiatry. Dr Young received his graduate training at the University of Pennsylvania and has studied traditional medical practices in Ethiopia and Nepal and conducted ethnographic research on PTSD in a psychiatric inpatient unit for two years in the US. Dr Young's current research interests are:

Ian Gold, PhD


Ian Gold, PhD, is the Canada Research Chair in Philosophy and Psychiatry. He has published papers in the philosophy of psychiatry and the philosophy of neuroscience, and his current research concerns delusion in psychiatric and neurological illness. Prior to coming to McGill, he worked at Monash University in Melbourne.