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Lucie Nadeau, MD

Dr Nadeau is a psychiatrist at the Montreal Children’s Hospital where her clinical work is shared between the Transcultural Psychiatry clinic and the Consultation-liaison service, and an Assistant Professor in the department of Psychiatry at McGill University. She received her training in medicine and psychiatry at the Université de Montréal and McGill University and completed a Master’s degree in transcultural psychiatry at McGill.

Natalie Grizenko, MD, FRCPC

Natalie Grizenko, MD, FRCPCDr. Grizenko is Associate Professor at McGill University and Medical Director of the Disruptive Behaviour Disorders Program and ADHD clinic at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute. She received her medical training at the University of Sherbrooke and at McGill University. Dr. Grizenko's research interests are:

Guillaume Galbaud du Fort, MD, PhD

Dr Galbaud du Fort, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at McGill, is a consultation-liaison psychiatrist at the McGill University Health Centre, specialized in the psychiatric care of of oncology patients, and an epidemiologist and project director at the Jewish General Hospital Centre for Clinical Epidemiology & Community Studies.

Toby Measham, MD

Dr Measham is lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry. She received her residency training in psychiatry at McGill and completed post-graduate work in cultural psychiatry. She is staff at the Transcultural Psychiatry Clinic of the Montreal Children's Hospital.

toby [dot] measham [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email)