Ami-Quebec Calendar of January-August 2017

Published: 23Feb2017

Click on this following link for the various activties, meetings, workshops, and programs offered by Ami-Quebec: http://amiquebec.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Calendar-Jan-to-Aug-2017.pdf

LEAP Communication workshops in March

Published: 23Feb2017

This workshop is for relatives and caregivers to learn how to better communicate with their ill loved one. The workshop's approach can help to reduce your anxiety and improve your relationship with...

Special program offered for Borderline Personality Disorder caregivers

Published: 23Feb2017

Please visit the Ami-Quebec website for further information about this program and on how to register for it. Here is the link: http://amiquebec.org/bpd/

Events Cal­en­der for SLA Québec for February

Published: 3Feb2017

If you are interested in the events presented by SLA Québec, please click on the link: http://lnk02.com/v/49/5d0731c9d27fc80534ba0bfe90ed8840b1e687b4a5a8af1f

Ami Quebec programs for February

Published: 26Jan2017

Please click on the following link: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1110274899475&ca=e50f8acb-c076-4d21-9c32-ac1e12f0ad50 for more information about the programs given by Ami...

The Montreal Neurological Institute invites you to discover science at the movies!

Published: 13Jan2017

The 2017 Neuro Film Series opens on February 8th (6:30 pm) with Columbia Picture’s “Concussion” (2015). Dr. Alain Ptito, director of the Department of Psychology of the MUHC, hosts the evening’s...

How HIV affects the brain

Published: 1Dec2016

Study tracks patients to better understand effects and possible treatments...