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Welcome to the McGill International Tuberculosis Centre         

Congratulations to our members:

  • Andrea Benedetti and Nandini Dendukuri for their ​respective ​CIHR Projects in the last CIHR competition. 

  • Honours for Madhu Pai for being selected by the UC Berkeley School of Public Health to be honored as one of their 75 most influential public health alumni over their entire 75 year history!

  • TB Centre trainees Jean-Yves Dube (Behr group),  Jeffrey Downey (Divangahi group) and Madlen Nash (Pai Group) who were awarded RI MUHC Studentships or Fellowships for 2018!

  • Eva Kaufmann, Maziar Divangahi, Luis Barreiro and their co-authors for their publication in Cell entitled “BCG educates hematopoietic stem cells to generate protective innate immunity against tuberculosis".

PLOS Tuberculosis Channel

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Great job at knowledge synthesis by TB Centre researchers:

Nature Review Primer on TB.

Just got designated as a ‘Highly cited paper’ by the Web of Science, meaning it is among the top 1% of papers of similar age in the field of clinical medicine! Read it here: 

The top-cited systematic reviews/meta-analyses in tuberculosis research:

McGill authors topped the rankings as first and corresponding authors in systematic reviews and meta-analyses in TB research.

The 100 top-cited tuberculosis research studies

According to a study, McGill researchers account for 6% of the world's best cited TB papers which is very high ranking! The 100 top-cited tuberculosis research studies (International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease) Download

Post Doctoral Fellowship Positions in Tuberculosis Research Available:

Our centre brings together over 20 investigators with expertise spanning epidemiology, policy setting, economic analyses, implementation research, meta-analyses,  qualitative research to basic science in microbiology, host genetics and immune response. 

The work is done both at an academic centre and with a number of collaborating groups around the world. On these pages, we introduce the faculty members who are members of our centre and describe our training programs for students.  Find out why our Centre is a world leader in the interdisciplinary study of TB and how we work together to unravel the many mysteries of this recalcitrant disease.