2009 Reports

CARMUSTINE (GLIADEL WAFERS) [.pdf] L'utilisation des implants Carmustine (Gliadel wafer) chez les patients attients de gliome malin (Report #35)

OPPORTUNITY COSTS [.pdf] Opportunity Costs Associated with Technology Expansion in the MUHC(Report #36)

IMPELLA [.pdf] The Impella® percutaneous ventricular assist device (Report #37)

DEEP_BRAIN_STIMULATION [.pdf] Subthalamic Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS): Clinical efficacy, safety and cost compared to medical therapy for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease (Report #38)

RFA AND LIVER CANCER [.pdf] Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma(Report #39)

DERMA MATRIX [.pdf] Clinical efficacy and cost of Allogenic Acellular Dermal Matrix (AADM) in implant-based breast reconstruction of post mastectomy cancer patients (Report #40)

MATRIX_COILS [.pdf] Use of Matrix Coils in the Treatment of Cerebro-vascular Aneurysms: An Update(Report #42)

COLLATAMP_CARDIAC [.pdf] Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of Collatamp-G for infection prophylaxis in cardiac surgery (Report #43)

PROBIOTICS [.pdf] The use of probiotics in the prevention and treatment of Clostridium Difficile diarrhea: An Update (Report #44)

TAVI [.pdf] Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) at the MUHC: a Health Technology Assessment (Report #45)

BARRETTs_ESOPHAGUS [.pdf] Radiofrequency ablation for treatment of Barrett's esophagus: A systematic review and cost analysis (Report #46)