Policy Committee

The present membership of the policy committee is as follows:

Committee Member Hospital Discipline
A. Bonnici MUHC P&T Committee
N. Dendukuri,PhD (Director) MUHC Technology Assessment Unit
N. Mayo, PhD MUHC Clinical Epidemiology
P. Lefebvre MUHC Quality Management, Risk Management & Performance
B. MacGibbon-Taylor MUHC Patients Committee
J. Brophy, MD PhD(Chair) MUHC Medicine
L. Feldman MD MUHC Council of Physicians and Dentists
C. Calaritis MUHC Multidisciplinary Council
P. O'Connor MUHC Council of Nurses
T. Mack MUHC Administration
M. McGregor (Chair Emeritus) MUHC Technology Assessment Unit
nalapointe [at] videotron [dot] ca (Dr. Alain Lapointe)

Guidelines for TAU Policy Committee