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Water Intern (SP0073)

Status: COMPLETED Summer 2012

In 2011, the Ministry of Education has mandated all universities to reduce their water usage by 10% by 2015 and by 20% by 2020, relative to 2011 levels. McGill University Services hired an intern to determine the baseline water usage on the downtown campus and to help identify areas where consumption could be reduced. Buildings were prioritized and then surveyed for water usage.

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To do so, floor plans were used to identify water installations, building walkthroughs supplied information on these installations and various programs provided information on water consumption of cooling water towers, chilled water circuits, hot water circuits, and boilers. Building directors and professors in charge of heavy water consuming labs were contacted and they supplied information regarding their research. A total of 32 buildings have been audited.  

All of this information was compiled and water usage was categorized between hygiene, food services, building operations, landscaping, and research and academia. Preliminary results show that the primary water consuming category on campus is research and academia, followed by hygiene, building operations, food services, and landscaping respectively. It cannot be stressed enough that these results are preliminary as some data still needs to be inputted.  Shortly, we will begin identifying water conservation initiatives and drafting a water conservation communication campaign. It should also be noted that this project will be proposed to students of ENVR 401 in the fall 2012 semester and that Prof McCourt has already been contacted.

Buildings that have been audited:
239-Genome  122-Chancellor Day Hall 150-Leacock 178-Redpath Library
155-McIntyre Medical Building 103-Arts 179-Redpath Museum 177-Adams
157-McIntyre Garage 108-McLennan Library 181-Redpath Hall 131-McConnell Eng.
168-Education 123-Dawson 197-Ferrier 170-MacDonald Stewart Library
231-Gelber Law 111-Stewart Biology 118-MacDonald Harrington 229-Wong
241-Bellini (Life Science) 163-Morrice Hall 110-Burnside 112-James Administration
246-Cancer (Life Science) 119-Otto-Maass  158-Pulp and Paper 189-Rutherford 
102-Bronfman 130-McDonald Eng. 154-Strathcona Anatomy Dentistry 240-Trottier

Find out more information about the Water intern!
Email the project leader, denis [dot] mondou [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Denis Mondou)