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Vision 2020 2 (SP0104)

Status: ONGOING Summer 2013 - present

Vision 2020: Moving Beyond the Plan aims to institutionalize and initiate the implementation of the long-term sustainability strategy developed for – and from – the McGill community.

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The project has three objectives:

  1. To finalize a Sustainability Strategy for McGill University;
  2. To establish and institutionalize an Oversight Body and five Sustainability Hubs1 to oversee and drive implementation of the Strategy;
  3. To develop resources for unit-level sustainability action planning and facilitate localized action planning with various groups.

The successful realization of these objectives will put in place the building blocks necessary to institutionalize a Sustainability Strategy and sustainability networks at McGill University. This work will enable Vision 2020 to perpetuate itself as a living process without SPF project funding in the future.

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Email project leader martin [dot] krayervonkrauss [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Martin Krayer von Krauss)