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Tips for Applying

  1. Keep your application short and to the point. The Working Group only has a few days to review several applications, so you want to make your objective as obvious as possible. Four pages (not including letters of support) is an ideal length.
  2. Include letters of support from all stakeholders. The Working Group almost always requests these letters before giving out awards, so it is better to save yourselves time and get these letters prior to applying.
  3. Integrate as many stakeholders as possible at various levels. Projects that involve a mixture of students, faculty, and staff are more likely to receive funding than those that only involve one of these groups.
  4. Leave 3 months between the time you apply and your critical date for funding. Although the average time it takes for a project to receive funding is 2.5 months, it may take longer for certain projects to receive funding.
  5. Include any relevant case studies that may convince the Working Group of the importance and relevance of your project. Keep these case studies short and to the point, potentially in an appendix.
  6. Visit an SPF application workshop. Attending a workshop can provide you immediate feedback on writing an effective application and save you time since the Working Group only meets once a month.