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Sustainable Thomson House (SP0027)

Status: COMPLETED February 2011 - September 2011

From the ammended application dated April 2 2012: Since the SPF grant was awarded, an integrated design team was formed, and following two team meetings in 2011, changes to the project plan have been recommended, mainly to include Phase 1 (building and operation audits) and Phase 2 (involvement of the McGill Community) together, which is why the Studio MMA Atelier d’architecture presented two options after their preliminary consultations (see Annex 1):

  • M1 – Sustainability Audit and Report;
  • M2 – Sustainability Audit and Report & Integration and Coordination of Student Involvement.

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In order to minimize costs and delay, M1 option was chosen. This mandate is only for the building audits (and does not include operations audits). In order to integrate students’ participation while reducing costs, the other part of Phase 1, the operations audits, will be led by the PGSS Sustainability Coordinator with the involvement of graduate students. The scope of Phase 1 was also widened to include the elaboration of the Sustainability Action Plan, which will also be led by the Sustainability Coordinator in collaboration with graduate students. 

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Beyond the SPF
As of 2013, the Sustainable Thomson House is proud to announce the adoption of the PGSS 5 year Sustainability Action Plan! Find out more here.