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About the Sustainability Projects Fund

The SPF mandate is to: "Build a culture of sustainability on McGill campuses through the development and seed-funding of interdisciplinary projects." It creates opportunities for the McGill community to actively engage in sustainability initiatives on campus, and thus appropriate and be change agents in their own studying and working environment.


How does it work?

Any member of the McGill community can submit a project application, outlining the project idea through answering open questions and submitting a project plan, anytime throughout the year. Submitted applications are reviewed by the SPF Working Group, and selected applications receive funding for their projects, in addition to feedback and guidance from the Working Group and SPF Administrator.


The SPF Working Group

The Sustainability Projects Fund Working Group is a parity committee charged with providing decision and feedback on projects by consensus.

The Working Group has eight voting members: four students (2x SSMU, 1x PGSS, 1x MCSS), two academic staff, and two non-academic staff. The Working Group meetings are chaired by the Manager of the McGill Office of Sustainability, who serves as a non-voting co-facilitator with the Sustainability Projects Fund Steward. The SPF Steward also is a non-voting member, and acts as a liaison with project teams.

Funding for the SPF

The Sustainability Projects Fund was created through the approval of a 'non-opt-outable' student fee of $0.50 per credit (with a maximum of $15/year) to be collected from each SSMU, MCSS, and PGSS student. This amount is matched by the administration with funds sourced from internal and external donations, centrally managed capital and operating budgets of the University, and grants from external agencies and non-governmental organizations.

The estimated yearly total of the SPF is $840,000. Any unspent funds remaining from one year will be rolled over into the fund balance of the subsequent year. No money from this fund may be allocated to any project or undertaking that does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Sustainability Projects Fund Working Group, as described below.

Allocation of the SPF resources

A portion of the Sustainability Projects Fund fund monies will be reserved to fund the position of the SPF Steward and the SPF Administrator, in addition to some student positions which will occasionally work in tandem with them. The SPF Steward governs the SPF Working Group, coordinates applied student research, co-facilitates the application process with the SPF Administrator, who then ensures that approved projects are executed as planned, tracking progress on sustainability accomplishments achieved through the SPF. The balance of Fund monies will be dedicated to a wide variety of sustainability projects.

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