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Pulse Check (SP0044)

Status: COMPLETED August 2011 - December 2011

Excerpt from the initial application: Pulse is a new tool introduced at McGill to monitor energy consumption of approximately 30 buildings within the McGill campus.  This number will soon reach up to 60 buildings. Although Pulse represents a positive initiative, much remains to be known and done about energy efficiency at McGill.

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This project will synthesize all important dimensions related to energy issues at McGill such as the cost structure, consumption sources and key stakeholders.  The team will also categorize different building profiles and target within each of them recommended practices specific to the students, the administrative staff, the specialized workers and the management. The project will help spread awareness about energy efficiency and encourage a sustainable culture within the McGill community.

The purpose of this project is to leverage the positive effects of the information provided by the dashboard and more broadly provide a comprehensive picture of energy management and consumption at McGill. This project will involve a variety of members of the community ranging from executives, building managers, employees and students. It is important to outline that the following project will improve end-user’s behaviours, operational and managerial practices.  The choice of more efficient technologies is important, but not directly related to our managerial expertise and therefore excluded of this mandate. 

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