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McGill Food and Dining

Food and Dining Services reinforce the university’s commitment towards sustainability through many different initiatives and practices.  

We recognize that sustainable practices are essential to safeguard our natural resources. While encouraging the social development of our community and maintaining our obligation to be fiscally responsible, we continually seek out and implement best business practices that support this value.

Eating sustainably at McGill

Local and fair trade products are offered in McGill cafeterias whenever possible. Most dairy products are procured from local suppliers and McGill is working to increase the amount of produce purchased locally. All retail outlets run by McGill Food and Dining Services offer Fair Trade Coffee. The New Residence Hall purchases Fair Trade Coffee for its cafeteria and Starbucks Fair Trade coffee for its on-site catered events.

For more tips on how you can eat sustainably, both on and off campus, or to register for a cooking class that teaches you all about using sustainable ingredients, visit the eating sustainably webpage of Fit@McGill. 

Notable Sustainable Operations

McGill Food Services has also taken steps to ensure the sustainability of its operations, notably:

  • Installation of grease traps (reducing the amount of grease entering the sewage system and potentially diverting it to biodiesel production) and the "Rhino" in New Rez and Bronfman cafeterias, which collects grease at the source.
  • A reduction in the type and amount of packaging used (from polystyrene to recyclable plastic/paper wherever possible; replacing individual creamers/sugar packets with bulk dispensers)
  • Jet sprays of chilled tap water in residence hall cafeterias to refill your reusable bottle!
  • Marine Stewardship Council certification
  • Fair trade McGill 
  • McGill Farmer's Market

Did you know? You can receive a discount in most Food Services cafeterias when you bring your own mug/dishware! Reusable polypropylene containers are now sold in Residence cafeterias.

McGill Food Systems Project

Born out of Greening McGill's local food campaign, "From Field to Feast", the McGill Food Systems Project is a cooperative project between students, McGill Food and Dining Services and the McGill Office of Sustainability, developed to use student research and community collaboration to improve the food operations on our campuses.

The McGill Food Systems Project endeavors to maximize the ecological, social and economic sustainability of McGill's food systems through engaging the McGill community in consultation, facilitating McGill-focused research projects, and supporting sustainable change in McGill policies and operations. The project aims to analyze the current purchasing patterns of McGill’s campus cafeterias, including Chartwells and Sodexo, to compare the desirability and feasibility of adopting more sustainable alternatives. Click here to read the McGill Reporter article on this exciting project.

To learn more about our sustainable achievements, or strategic plan and our local purchase, please visit McGill.ca/FoodServices.

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