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Mercury Thermometer Exchange (SP0062)

Status: COMPLETED February 2012 - April 2012

From the initial application: To this day, McGill researchers continue to use mercury thermometers in their laboratories. Mercury is volatile at room temperature with vapours that are odourless, tasteless and toxic. 0.5 grams of mercury from one broken thermometer alone can detectably pollute 19 million litres of water. Not only do mercury thermometers present a hazard to staff, students and the environment, but if broken, require a tedious regiment to clean up the spill by McGill’s Waste Management team.

  • Waste Management will help in the pick-up of mercury thermometers and possibly with the disposal as well. Christian Bouchard from Waste Management is a project team member. 
  • Environmental Health and Safety has agreed to help communicate and promote this project to the research community. Joseph Vincelli and Wayne Wood from Environmental Health and Safety are projects team members. 
  • Potential suppliers will be contacted for pricing and will also have a hand in promoting the program as well as demonstrating the replacement thermometers.

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Email the project leader, nancy [dot] duplessis [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Nancy Duplessis)