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High-Density Bike Racks (SP0021)

Status: COMPLETED September 2010 - April 2011

Our project consist of producing a high density bike rack prototype back in April 2011. Our team consist of four McGill Alumni and we designed the original rack to be modular and space efficient, while having curve that makes it conveniently easy to park bicycles vertically.


The original prototype was met with overwhelming response and widespread acclaim, making it obvious for all of us that we should commercialize our product and make a difference in th existing bike storage  industry.

So, we founded a company called VeloCyko Products Inc. to continue developing bicycle storage solutions. Today, all four of us are part of the VeloCyko team and have consequently improved the original design. The improved design was installed on the McGill downtown campus, in front of the redpath museum, in summer 2012.

From the initial application: The continuing student traffic of McGill University has created a constant demand to improve space efficiency around both campuses. Planners, engineers, administrators and architects all face the challenge of how to use the space in an optimal way while keeping the historical presence of the university intact. The new ban on campus parking has created more space for pedestrians and cyclists, thus increasing the amount of people biking and walking to school on a daily basis. Currently, there are only 2,000 spots, which clearly aren’t sufficient because currently bikes are locked not only to bike racks but also to trees, fences, and signage. This surplus of bikes affects both the students’ campus life as well as the landscape. 

Under the framework of our final year Mechanical Engineering Project, Mr. Radu Juster, Architect and Planner for Campus and Space Planning at McGill University, has approached us to design a high-density bicycle rack. The main outcome of this project is to reduce the footprint of a bicycle by half compared to the current bicycle parking solution. Equally as important is the aesthetic of the bicycle rack which must not interfere with the landscape. Our design will aid in making the campus more modern and sustainable while preserving the historical heritage of the campus.


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