Sustainability Basics

There’s no single definition of sustainability, but it’s definitely a lot more than environmentalism. The good news is that the complexity of sustainability is part of what makes it so interesting. Discover more about the history, scope, and vocabulary of sustainability here.

What is Sustainability?

Take a quick tour of some sustainability basics created by MOOS interns.


Sustainability at a Glance.pdf


Glossary of Key Terms

Check out a glossary of key sustainability terms used at McGill.


Glossary of Key Terms.pdf




Sustainability Primer (University of Alberta)

This Primer on sustainability from the University of Alberta is a great introduction to the history of the idea and the movement.


Sustainability Primer (U of A).pdf


McGill Resources for Understanding Sustainability

McGill Sustainability Strategy

    One Vision, 23 Goals, and 14 priority actions that set the direction for sustainability at McGill.

● Sustainability-related courses

    A list of courses on sustainability offered here at McGill.

● Sustainability-related faculty

    A list of McGill professors who incorporate sustainability content into their courses.

Applied Student Research Projects

    Final reports from some past applied student research projects at McGill, many related to sustainability.

● Rez Project Resources

    A continually evolving space where McGill students, floor fellows and staff can learn about anti-oppression and its relationship to sustainability.


Sustainability courses from around the web

The Age of Sustainabile Development

    Offered through Columbia University’s Earth Institute, The Age of Sustainable Development explores the concept from several important angles.

Introduction to Sustainability

    An online Introduction to Sustainability offered by the University of Illinois with an emphasis on the environmental roots of the movement.