Step Up!

A thousand small steps will take us a long way in the right direction. In the spirit of collective action, explore these simple but powerful ways to integrate sustainability into your everyday life - your conversations, classes, work environments, and more.



Step up Students!

Want to plug into the sustainability movement at McGill? No matter your faculty – music, anthropology, or engineering - there are so many ways to get involved, from getting the latest tweets to launching your own sustainability project. Check out these steps and start talking about them with your friends, profs, and people at home. Then get going!


Step Up Faculty!

Staff members play a fundamental role in promoting a culture of sustainability here at McGill. No matter your professional focus, there’s always a way to think about the work you do through a sustainability lens. Read through the ideas below and challenge yourself to bring them into everyday conversations with your colleagues.  Then, to dive deeper, take action!


Step Up Staff!

Interested in getting involved in sustainability as a faculty member here at McGill? The university is a perfect place to develop, discuss, test, and refine new ideas. Within this living laboratory, faculty members play a key role in advancing sustainability – whether through teaching, research, or service activities. No matter your area of expertise, you can contribute to fostering a more sustainable society. Read on if you’re ready to get your feet wet.