Get Involved

  The challenges facing our societies and our planet can be daunting, but your actions can truly make a difference. Whether you have a project in mind, or just a lot of questions, there are many ways for you to get involved with sustainability at McGill.


Sustainability Basics

What is sustainability anyway? Click here to learn more about the core concepts.

Theories of Change

Ever wonder how movements gain momentum? Catch a glimpse of how social change works here.

Inspiration for Action

Want to be the change you wish to see in the world? Find your own inspiration in this selection of brilliant ideas, exciting projects, and stories of transformative change.

The Sandbox

Want to read stories of the fun (and sometimes messy) work of sustainability at McGill? Dig into “The Sandbox,” the McGill Office of Sustainability’s blog here!

Step Up!

Small actions taken daily can add up to great advancements in sustainability at McGill. Check out these opportunities for faculty, staff and students to step up their role in this movement.

Connect with a Group

Want to meet a bunch of friendly people who also happen to care about sustainability? Here’s a list of diverse sustainability-related groups at McGill.

Tools for Mobilization

Effective movement-building and positive community engagement require a few important skills. Click here to find exactly what you need.

Sustainability Projects Fund

Got an idea?  Apply for funding and make it happen!  It doesn’t get much better than the Sustainability Projects Fund at McGill.