The Walk of Life – OIKOS McGill


McLennan Library Building Lobby Entrance, 3459 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 0C9, CA

OIKOS Project McGill is continuing their holistic education walk underground, called ‘The Walk of Life’.

This is a holistic education walk, or sustainable education walk, lasting one hour every Wednesday afternoon, at 4pm. It begins at the McLennan Library entrance and ends at Otto Maass Chemistry Building.

This underground walk includes a range of activities, to encourage individual awareness and shared insights. The project involves some bodywork to wake up our interior life and sensibilities to our movement and our surroundings.

The OIKOS Project makes use of the built environment and underground tunnels of McGill to provoke memories, new observations and story sharing. Participants are to reflect on their learning experiences, and the contribution of their education to the collective challenge of sustainability. By providing participants with the space to expand on their part on holistic education, each walk will be unique and refreshing.

The OIKOS Project is almost near the end of its pilot project stage, and hope to launch the project very soon. Feedback is very important and we are also seeking individuals who wish to lead and develop the walk with us. You can get in touch with the OIKOS Project at oikosmcgill [at]

More information on OIKOS McGill and the Walk of Life can be found on the website, or on their Facebook page