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SPF: Water

Dew Water Harvest (SP0098)

Status: ONGOING Fall 2013 - present

The design of a dew-water harvesting unit as a source of complimentary clean water and for sustainable water resources education on the Macdonald campus is an excellent way to build upon the rain water harvesting system already operating at the Horticulture Research Center.

Rainwater collection can be a remarkable source of freshwater for irrigation and other purposes... the only problem is – it has to rain!

Food & Dining GHG Audit (SP0090)

Status: ONGOING December 2012 - present

The Audit hopes to foster ann efficient and consistent waste, water, and energy management system across all McGill Food and Dining Services’ residence cafeterias. 

(From the Results Report and Action Plan)

Water Intern (SP0073)

Status: COMPLETED Summer 2012

In 2011, the Ministry of Education has mandated all universities to reduce their water usage by 10% by 2015 and by 20% by 2020, relative to 2011 levels. McGill University Services hired an intern to determine the baseline water usage on the downtown campus and to help identify areas where consumption could be reduced. Buildings were prioritized and then surveyed for water usage.

Mac Water Bottle Refill Station (SP0029)

Status: COMPLETED Summer 2011

The Mac Water Bottle Refill Station was a pilot project put in the Macdonald Stwerat building on Mac Campus on 2009 to encourage students to bring their own water bottles for refill in a more convenient station. The pilot was so successful that there are now several more refill stations all over the McGill campus. As of January 31st 2013, more than 55,000 water bottles have been filled from these stations.

Water Collection System (SP0015)

Status: COMPLETED May 2010 - September 2010

From the initial application: With the continuous concern with water resources and water management in a changing climate, students at McGill University are taught the value of water sustainability but no building or system on the Macdonald Campus can be used to showcase sustainable water recovery and usage.

Water is Life! (SP0014)

Status: COMPLETED January 2011 - October 2012

How much water does McGill use every day and how can we use it more sustainably? If you’ve ever wondered about water on campus, Water is Life! Sustaining McGill’s eau de vie is coming to a building near you.

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