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SPF: Food

B-Shack (SP0120)

Status: ONGOING Summer 2013 - Current

B-shack is an outreach, education and research hub anchored with a pavilion at the Macdonald Farm designed, fabricated and assembled by a diverse group of students to creatively engage the extended McGill community and the citizens of Montreal in addressing the imminent threat to the world food supply by honeybee colony collapse disorder (CCD). The SPF provided the means to construct a wooden pavilion with a steel structure that contains beehives at MacDonald Campus.

MSEG Root Crop Washer (SP0118)

Status: ONGOING October 2013 - current

The McGill Student Ecological Garden operates a 1 1/4 acre farm on the Macdonald Campus to produce local food stuffs from various different crops and farm animals. The MSEG Root Crop Washer is a small-scale root crop (carrots, turnips etc.) washing machine that the organization uses to increase the efficiency and efficacy of the produce cleaning process while decreasing the amount of physical exertion required.

Out of the Garden 2 (SP0113)

Status: COMPLETED June 2013 - November 2014

The 'Out-of-the-Garden Project' (OGP) is an ongoing effort to establish a student-run café on Macdonald Campus which serves breakfast and lunch twice a week with ingredients sourced locally from McGill student farming projects. With this second round of SPF funding, the OGP purchased capital equipment and supplies to establish the café and began to serve breakfast and lunch to students once a week.

Justice alimentaire Montréal (SP0112)

Status: COMPLETED June 2013 - November 2013

(Justice Alimentaire pour Montréal (JAM) is a grassroots initiative working to meet the challenge of building a community for those with a common interest in improving the locality of and access to food systems. The initiative has had success in connecting people and organizations in Montréal who want to change our current agro-industrial food system through information sharing, research, meetings, events, networking, and applied student research.

Macdonald Campus Composting System (SP0111)

Status: ONGOING July 2013 - current

The goal of the Mac Campus Composting project is to ensure a smooth transition from a composting system (which, while well-intentioned, lacks infrastructure and is reliant on the availability and dedication of student volunteers), to one which is managed by the city of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. Resources from the SPF will create a student position to perform waste audits, address infrastructure needs, and create educational tools and communication systems for users of the system.

McGill Feeding McGill 4 (SP0099)

Status: COMPLETED March 2013 - Fall 2014

The objective of the project is to provide locally grown fruits and vegetables from the Macdonald Campus’s Horticultural Center to McGill’s downtown residences and the general student community.

Food & Dining GHG Audit (SP0090)

Status: ONGOING December 2012 - present

The Audit hopes to foster ann efficient and consistent waste, water, and energy management system across all McGill Food and Dining Services’ residence cafeterias. 

(From the Results Report and Action Plan)

MFDS Marine Stewardship Certification (SP0088)

Status: COMPLETED December 2012

From the initial application: McGill Food and Dining Services began to change their seafood purchasing practices about two years ago, after an MSE applied student research group (ENVR 401) approached them and offered to research feasible alternatives for MFDS’s seafood sourcing.

Toolkit for Change (SP0084)

Status: ONGOING September 2012 - September 2013

From the initial application: The McGill Food Systems Project, initiated by a small group of students together with a few core staff members three years ago, is considered a successful example of organizational change that contributes to environmental sustainability.