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SPF: Finance

Sustainability Projects Budget

Status: ONGOING 

The Sustainability Projects Budget was allocated to fund the Office of Sustainability Interns who worked with the Projects, and contributed to the projects in a variety of ways. Broadly, the interns focused on adhering to the Office of Sustainability's mission for the Fund, and all sustainability at McGill.

SPF Support Position (SP0081)

Status: COMPLETED July 2011 - March 2013

As the number of SPF projects grew, so did the need for more staff. In order to meet this need, the SPF hired Jennifer Cox as support staff, specifically in order to help expedite, organize, and report back on each project’s finances.

Sustainability Case Competition (SP0066)

Status: COMPLETED September 2011 - March 2012

The undergraduate faculty presidents brought about the idea of creating a case competition centred on the design of an environmentally, financially, and socially sustainable café. The goals are to: (1) create McGill-wide collaboration among students on an issue pertaining to sustainability; and (2) to provide students with the opportunity to collaborate with one another as well as with professionals from industry.

Meatless Mondays (SP0006)

Status: COMPLETED April 2010 - October 2010

Meatless Monday McGill (MMM), part of the international Meatless Monday campaign, is promoting a meat-free diet one day per week for the associated health and environmental benefits.