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SPF: Community

Family Resources Coordinator (SP0140)

Status: ONGOING Summer 2015 - current

The Family Resources Coordinator @ McGill project is a pilot project aimed at creating a central resource for the McGill community that addresses family care issues, initially focusing on the crucial concern of childcare. Building on the work of SP0096: Childcare Access Study, which mapped certain childcare gaps and solutions, the central goal of this project is to have a sustainable impact on access to childcare by linking parents to childcare.

Campus Crops 3 (SP0072)

Status: COMPLETED Summer 2012

In 2012, the Campus Crops 3 project used resources from the SPF to hire a summer garden coordinator, replant the gardens, build and irrigation system, and conduct workshops throughout the summer. Campus Crops continues to be a visible presence on the McGill campus and a vital part of a closed-loop food production system on campus.

Campus Crops 4 (SP0108)

Status: COMPLETED Summer 2013

In 2013, The SPF-funded position of garden coordinator for 2013, apart from day-to-day garden maintenance, will focus on designing a training manual in conjunction with a training workshop for new volunteers, as well as producing an exit report with recommendations on gardening and the general structure of the collective.

Education Outdoor Eco-Learning (SP0141)

Status: COMPLETED Summer 2015 - September 2015

The Education Outdoor Eco-Learning Project entails the creation of four raised garden beds adjacent to the Faculty of Education building which will be used to grow food and flowers. These beds will prepare future educators in Canada to promote the importance of outdoor learning and issues of sustainability in their curriculums.

Permaculture Design Certificate (SP0142)

Status: COMPLETED Summer 2015 - Fall 2015

The Permaculture Design Certificate Project will provide discounts for 10 McGill students to obtain their Permaculture Design Certificate and to create a Permaculture Demonstration Garden at Macdonald Campus.


EMBA Sustainability Module 2015 (SP0143)

Status: COMPLETED Summer 2015 - November 2015

Following the achievement of a BNQ level 3 classification for the Sustainability Challenge module in 2014, the EMBA program is aiming to achieve a level 4 classification for the module in 2015. Armed with last year’s experience, this year the focus will be on incorporating social sustainability into the program.