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SPF: Community

EMBA Sustainability Module (SP0124)

Status: ONGOING December 2013 - Present

The Business of Sustainability

The EMBA McGill-HEC Montréal is introducing a new module this year: The Sustainability Challenge.

Permaculture Classes (SP0121)

Status: Ongoing December 2013 - Present

Our vision is to implement a permaculture curriculum - including theoretical classes and practical design application.

Out of the Garden 3 (SP0122)

Status: Ongoing December 2013 - Present

The Out of the Garden Project is a student directed café at the Macdonald Campus of McGill.

The café is a place on campus where members of the Mac community can go to enjoy healthy and affordable food.

B-Shack (SP0120)

Status: Ongoing May 2013 - Present

B-shack is an outreach, education and research hub anchored with a pavilion at the Macdonald Farm designed, fabricated and assembled by a diverse group of students to creatively engage the extended McGill community and the citizens of Montreal in addressing the imminent threat to the world food supply by honeybee colony collapse disorder (CCD).

Cinemas Out of the Box (SP0119)

Status: Ongoing October 2013 - Present

Cinema Out of the Box is a project to develop practical tools for a mobile cinema.

Today, our media is defined by mobility, and for some, this means that a “cinematic specificity” has been lost.

On the contrary, the new mobility of cinema (portable devices, such as our laptop screens) means that we can have “cinematic experiences” in new and unexpected ways. Many filmmakers and performers are experimenting with this.

MSEG Barrel Root Washer (SP0118)

Status: Ongoing October 2013 - Present

CodeJam (SP0116)

Status: COMPLETED October 2013 - November 2013

The annual CodeJam at McGill is a 48 hour programming competition, run by the Electrical Computer and Software Engineering Student Society (ECSESS) with the goal of developing software solutions to a pre-defined real life problem centered around an all encompassing theme. We hope to build awareness and encourage innovation and creativity in software development.

ECOLE 2 (SP0115)

Status: Ongoing August 2013 - Present

After reflection on an initial SPF application submitted one year ago, the ECOLE project has undergone a year of networking and research.

Time Forms (SP0114)

Status: Ongoing June 2013 - Present

No one is here to talk about time. The research-creation event Time Forms: The Temporalities of Aesthetic Experience 2013 is dedicated to the aesthetic experience of time. But instead of lecturing about the temporalities of their respective art, each of the presenters at the event will offer a “time form” to be shared and experienced by the audience.

Community Engagement Day 2 (SP0106)

Status: COMPLETED April 2013

Community Engagement Day 2012 was an experiment in how to celebrate, develop and document the culture of engagement and sustainability, both social and environmental, at McGill University.

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It was successful in a number of areas that reflect the eligibility of this proposal: