Fair Trade Week promotes socially conscious consumption

Published: 2Oct2013

Events celebrate McGill’s certification over the summer as first fair trade certified school in Quebec Published October 1 2013 | McGill TribuneWritten by Chelsey Ju

Eating Insects: Educating the market to get global buy-in

Published: 2Oct2013

Insects are not something you are likely to find on the menu in Canada, but the United Nations suggests they should be. Published September 27 2013 | Globe and Mail In fact, they're eaten in...

Applied Student Research: Changing How Campuses Learn and Eat through Coursework


Join Lilith Wyatt and Brent Mansfield in a discussion about the opportunities, benefits and challenges of Applied Student Research. Universities have the potential to be living laboratories and be...

McGill Students Win $1M for Urban Food Security Project

Published: 24Sep2013

A group of McGill students has been awarded $1 million for undernourished communities in urban slums. Find story links below

Justice Alimentaire pour Montréal (Off-Campus)


You are invited to participate in the 2013 Montreal Food Justice Convergence organized by Justice Alimentaire pour Montréal (JAM). The goal of JAM is to build connections b/sustainabilityCategory:...

JAM session: Get involved with food justice in Montréal


Are you a McGill student interested in getting to know the Montréal food movement? Are you passionate about creating a just, nutritious, safe, and healthy food system in Montréal? 

Chefs battle in culinary fundraiser

Published: 7Sep2013

Organizers have dubbed the event the Battle of the Beets. Published on September 3, 2013 | GazetteWritten by Susan Schwartz

Développement durable et agriculture urbaine à l'université

Published: 7Sep2013

Published on July 31, 2013 | Radio-Canada TV (Téléjournal 18 h) Les universités québécoises se sont mises à l'heure du développement durable. Les campus de la province, qui ont souvent l...

Universities’ Sustainability Initiatives Save Money, Resources

Published: 7Sep2013

The University of Toronto uses solar panels to heat water for athletes’ showers and McGill University imposes a student fee of 50 Canadian cents per credit that is matched by the university for its...