Divest McGill takes home Catalyst prize at annual awards event

The McGill Reporter | Apr 16, 2015

by: McGill Reporter Staff

The Divest McGill group, which is conducting a campaign to persuade the University to divest from companies associated with the production of fossil fuels, was one of the winners of the Catalyst Awards handed out on April 13, at the fifth annual Office of Sustainability event held at the Faculty Club.

Published: 16Apr2015

GES : McGill a réduit ses émissions de près du tiers depuis 2002

The McGill Reporter | April 15, 2015

By: Julie Fortier

Au cours des prochaines semaines, McGill entreprendra un important projet de modernisation de son système de distribution d’énergie au campus Macdonald, à Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

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Published: 16Apr2015

Carbon pricing with a practical Canadian twist

The Globe and Mail | April 7, 2015

By: Chirstopher Ragan

On Tuesday, Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission (which I chair) released a new report, The Way Forward, with specific recommendations for how Canadians can make real progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). 

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Published: 9Apr2015

Budding Ideas: Celebrating Community Research!

University 3559 3559 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2B1, CA

ECOLE would like to invite you to join their celebratory final event of the academic year, Budding Ideas:  Celebrating Community Research!   They are enthused to be wrapping up our pilot year and are eager to share all of the lessons we've learned

Feeding the body, nourishing the soul

The McGill Reporter | April 2, 2015

by: Neale McDevitt

Established in 2007, the Edible Campus garden – which does the impossible every year by making the concrete plaza surrounding Burnside Hall bloom with fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers – is an oasis for many McGillians who gather there to read, relax and recharge amidst nature’s beauty.

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Published: 9Apr2015

Forest fragmentation leads to species die-off that lasts decades: study

CTV News | March 20, 2015

Cutting up forests into ever-smaller bits starts a die-off of species that lasts decades -- an "extinction debt" incurred today and paid by future generations, says a study on forest fragmentation.

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Published: 23Mar2015

Brown bag lunch: Use social media strategically

Thomson House Room 404, 3650 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 1Y2, CA

Linking Action and Research on Sustainability (LARS) is a joint initiative of McGill professors Elena Bennett and Catherine Potvin and funded by the McGill Sustainability Projects Fund.

Linking Action and Research on Sustainability (LARS) presents: Montreal's Ecosystems at Your Service Brainstorming Session

Thomson House Room 406, 3650 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 1Y2, CA

Montreal’s Ecosystems at Your Service is a bilingual website connecting people to their environment through stories. We aim to show how ecosystems in Montreal and its surroundings improve our lives and how we can help to protect them.

Outside the box: Reclaiming our streets as places to live, not just drive

The Ottawa Citizen | Mar 12, 2015

by: Avi Freidman

Are asphalt roads and sidewalks in neighbourhoods really needed?

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Published: 22Mar2015

Catherine Potvin - Dialogues for a Greener Canada

Science News | March 18, 2015

by: Lesley Evans Ogden

A group of prominent Canadian academics is trying to change the dynamic by releasing its own set of climate policy recommendations for the nation.

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Published: 22Mar2015