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The shape of things to come

Time Forms explores the links between art and time.

Published on September 30 2013 | McGill Daily
Written by Lucy Gripper

Despite the slightly esoteric nature of its premise, the curators of Time Forms – McGill professors Alanna Thain, Stephen McAdams, and Eric Lewis – made accessibility a goal when organizing the conference.

Published: 7Oct2013

Gentrification is not grand

‘Neutral’ journalism and the working class neighbourhood.

Published on September 30 2013 | McGill Daily
Written by Aaron Vansintjan

Published: 7Oct2013

SSMU Talks Sustainable Student Living with ECOLE

See the coverage in the two articles below

Published on September 30 | McGill Daily
Written by by Lauria Galbraith and Hannah Reardon 

Published: 7Oct2013

Quand L'Éducation S'Adapte

L'Université McGill propose une nouvelle méthode dans l'intégration des étudiants avec un handicap.

Published September 30 2013 | Radio Canada

Published: 2Oct2013

Écologie mcgilloise

Un projet de sensibilisation aux bienfaits de l’écosystème.

Published October 01 2013 | Le Délit
Written by Leo Arcay

Published: 2Oct2013

Fair Trade Week promotes socially conscious consumption

Events celebrate McGill’s certification over the summer as first fair trade certified school in Quebec

Published October 1 2013 | McGill Tribune
Written by Chelsey Ju

Published: 2Oct2013

Eating Insects: Educating the market to get global buy-in

Insects are not something you are likely to find on the menu in Canada, but the United Nations suggests they should be.

Published September 27 2013 | Globe and Mail

In fact, they're eaten in other parts of the world and some Canadian business people are creating products to meet demand and be a global resource for what they feel is the food of the future.

Published: 2Oct2013

Turning research on its head

A bold new conference at McGill showcases the growing movement of research creation

Published on September 27 2013 | McGill Reporter
By Victoria Leenders-Cheng

Published: 2Oct2013

One Day @ McGill

Various Locations CA

As part of its Personal and Cultural Enrichment (PACE) offerings, the School of Continuing Studies is excited to introduce a new programming series, 

UN Biodiversity Talks

Various Locations CA

The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity is hosting, from 2-18 October 2013 in Montreal, three major United Nations meetings on biodiversity.

In conjunction with these meetings, experts from Montreal and around the world