U.S. Turns Corner on Urban Sprawl

Published: 2Jul2015

McGill Newsroom | June 15, 2015...

MUSE 2015 Symposium: Examining Montreal’s Environmental History and Urban Sustainability


Showcasing MUSE student research and a keynote presentation by Dr. Jean-François Lozier, Curator, Canadian Museum of History Refreshments provided, all are welcome.

Aboriginal students, staff at McGill University call for more recognition

Published: 25Apr2015

CBC News | April 23, 2015 Kakwiranoron Cook, McGill's aboriginal outreach administrator, would like to see the university put up a more noticeable monument. Read the full story here.

Feeding the body, nourishing the soul

Published: 9Apr2015

The McGill Reporter | April 2, 2015...