Off-Campus Residence Energy Dashboard (SP0049)

Status: COMPLETED August 2011 - September 2011

Residences and Utilities & Energy Mgmt jointly proposed to connect the three main off-campus residences to the upcoming McGill Energy Dashboard.

Having real-time information available will allow for student initiatives, and targeting the residence student community could have a much wider impact than just the residences, thus fostering change campus-wide.  This project also gives a tool to the Environmental Residence Council and to the Green Living-Learning Community that can be used to operate better programming and information sessions.  The opportunity exists to make the consideration of energy usage a daily matter for our students through this easier access and the programming and educational efforts that will go with it.

***Bringing the dashboard to New Residence Hall, Carrefour Sherbrooke and the former Marriot Hotel will reach an additional 1300 students more than we currently reach.

For further information conerning this project, or to get in touch with its members, please contact the krista.houser [at] (SPF Administration Team).