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Campus Crops (SP0008)

Status: COMPLETED May 2010 - September 2010

Campus Crops is a student group dedicated to gaining the skills and knowledge to provide ourselves with healthy food, grown in our own backyards (or University campuses). 

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During the summer we run a volunteer-based garden and a series of workshops on urban agriculture and food politics, and in the colder months we experiment with indoor growing techniques. During the growing season we meet at our garden behind the McGill School of Environment building Sunday 3-5, Tuesday 5-7 and Thursday 11-1. All students, staff, faculty and other community members are encouraged to get involved! Our goal is to provide a working alternative to corporate food systems in order to create a community that is more self-sufficient and environmentally responsible. We work closely with Midnight Kitchen and are a working group of QPIRG McGill. Get in touch with us at. See you in the garden!

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Send them an campuscrops [at] gmail [dot] com (email).
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