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Campus "Big Hanna" Composter (SP0018)

Status: COMPLETED May 2010 - August 2011

This project will separate an organic waste stream from McGill Food & Dining Services (FDS) which will then be processed and used as compost at McGill University's downtown campus.

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Many urban organic waste treatment systems have a single, distant, processing facility. By eliminating the need to truck water-rich waste to far-off facilities, the system will reduce greenhouse and noxious gas emissions. Collection, processing, and use all take place within a radius of half a kilometre in downtown Montreal. Furthermore, the system involves minimal motorized transportation, continuous odour control measures, and produces a valuable product for immediate use in the community. This student initiated and coordinated project offers practical learning opportunities for McGill students and the urban community.  The project will serve as a pilot for an innovative approach to effective organic waste utilization in dense urban areas.

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