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The Catalyst Awards

The Catalyst Awards from the Office of Sustainability

Below are descriptions of each award (including the cash value associated with the award, where applicable) and the requirements for submission materials that will be used to judge the candidates.

Awards for students

Emerald Key for student contribution to sustainability ($1000)

This award will go to a student who has made significant and lasting contributions in creating a culture of sustainability at McGill. The student should be someone who has made a significant and long-lasting impact on McGill’s campuses, greatly increasing the sustainability of the University.

Catalyst Award for student collaboration on sustainability with the administration ($500)

A major driver for the advancement of sustainability at McGill involves reinforcing bridges between students and the administration in this important area.  Our vision of a truly sustainable campus will be fully realized through the development of strong ties and lasting partnerships.  This award will go to a student, or group of students, who has actively contributed to enhancing a culture of mutual support and connection between McGill’s students and its administration – achieving meaningful results through collaboration.

Catalyst Award for applied student research on sustainability ($500)

Applied student research is a valuable means of providing students with a way to apply the knowledge they have gained from their program towards solving actual problems. It is also a wonderful opportunity for students to explore the challenges of sustainability and how they can be overcome. This award will go to a student, or group of students, who focused their research on sustainability at McGill and who, through that research, has opened up new possibilities for sustainability at the University

Catalyst Award for student ‘lessons learned’ in sustainability efforts ($500)

Sustainability involves rethinking many of our existing systems, and incorporating new concepts and connections. As a result, in the pursuit of creating a sustainable university, one must learn to navigate the challenges that arise over the course of a project. Both the successes and the failures of a project or initiative contain important lessons. This award will go to a student, or group of students, who faced a major failure or challenge and learned from that experience to better inform future action on campus.

Awards for staff

Catalyst Award for staff contribution to sustainability

Making McGill a sustainable university requires all members of the McGill community to work together. This award is meant to highlight the efforts of a staff member, or group of staff members, in making an impact on campus to promote sustainability by going beyond the mandate of their position. The winner of this award should be strongly committed to making this university more sustainable, have made the extra effort to further that goal, and have achieved tangible results. The term “staff” is inclusive of all employees of the University (administrative, academic, support, etc.)