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Aboriginal Sustainability (SP0039)

Status: COMPLETED May 2011 - December 2012

Over the last year, the Aboriginal Sustainability project has become a hub for Aboriginal projects and initiatives and has succeeded in creating much greater visibility and importance within the campus community. Establishing partnerships and building on existing ones has contributed to the success.


Excerpt rom the Final Report: As a result of this project, there has been an integration of values and perspectives on Aboriginal sustainability in well being and in culture into the wider community. These outcomes are reflected in the Aboriginal Awareness Week’s assessment, feedback from participants and presenters.

A fantastic result of the project is that McGill Aboriginal students have taken an active role in volunteering and contributing their ideas on future programming. The rewarding outcome of their participation is that Aboriginal students are gaining pride in their heritage and developing relationships with non-Aboriginal students. 

The focus in year 2 will be strengthening and enriching the programming, and the continuing development of strategic networks. A vital partnership of year 2 will be with SSMU in creating a document that will highlight strategies in establishing a First Peoples’ Studies Program. This will be a forefront issue to the students and the project. As a result, there will be greater importance on Aboriginal specific programming at McGill.

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