University of Kent Summer Schools

Please note that McGill students must obtain permission from their faculty before participating in study abroad programs.

The Summer Schools are two weeks long and run in June, July and August 2017, allowing you to attend one or more, and discover what it is like to be a student at our Canterbury, Brussels or Paris locations.

Studying at a summer school with the University of Kent, ranked 23 out of 119 institutions in the UK (Guardian University Guide 2017), you will benefit from expert teaching, on-campus accommodation (in Canterbury), social activities, excellent resources and facilities and an opportunity to enhance your career or progress to postgraduate study.
The Summer Schools offered in Brussels and Paris are taught in English by specialist academics and practitioners from across the world expanding your professional, academic and social networks.


Brussels, Europe and the World
18 June - 1 July 2017
How does the European Union (EU) act as a global organisation in today’s world? Understand the main challenges facing the EU and debate with policy makers from institutions such as NATO and the European Parliament.
Canterbury, Global Business in a Dynamic Environment
18 June – 2 July 2017
Explore the core theories and activities involved in International business through policies and research and the complexity of decision making on a global scale.
Canterbury, European Security and Foreign Policy
18 June – 2 July 2017
Focus on Contemporary security issues facing Europe today and how European states are adapting their security role both within and beyond the European territory.
Canterbury, Quantitative Methods
18 June – 2 July 2017
Undergraduate level. Study the core elements of statistical analysis covering a range of quantitative skill areas including regression, contingency tables and continuous data in a problem-based learning environment.

Paris, Law Critical Theory
26 June – 7 July 2017
PHD level. A unique intellectual experience for early career academics and research students to work intensively with carefully selected thinkers outside the formal institutional frame.


Canterbury, Architecture Summer School
2 – 16 July 2017
Take part in presentations, design workshops, lectures and site visits and become part of a creative community that comprises of well-respected researchers, highly skilled architects, engineers and design professionals.
Canterbury, Medieval History
2-16 July 2017
Transport yourself back to the medieval society through the lens of Canterbury and Kent. Take part in guided visits, workshops and group seminars exploring medieval documents, artefacts and landscapes.

Paris, Revolutions
16- 29 July 2017
Explore Paris throughtailored seminars on the theme of Revolutions given by experienced academics; follow in the footsteps of iconic artists and visit major sites such as the Palace of Versailles, UNESCO and the Picasso Museum.

Canterbury, Biotechnology
16 - 30 July 2017
Gain cutting edge research skills and expertise in this ever-growing and increasingly important scientific discipline. Students work on a project to produce therapeutic proteins to target specific diseases including transfection, expression, purification and functional analysis.
Canterbury, Investigating the Social Mind
16 – 30 July 2017
Investigate recent research into Psychology relating to the ‘social mind’ and how this influences people’s thoughts and behaviours. You will gain a key insight into an important aspect of the human psyche.
Canterbury, Molecular Biology and IVF
30 July – 13 August 2017
Gain cutting edge research skills and expertise through exploring the process of generating IVF embryos, chromosome analysis and fluorescence in-sit hybridisation.

Scholarships and discounts:
· We have a limited number of full and part scholarships to award, apply by 31st March 2017.
· Tiered discounts when studying more than one course.
· Discounts of £150 if you book and pay in full by 5 May 2017
· Brussels Summer School students are entitled to 10% discount if they subsequently enrol on a Master’s degree at the Brussels centre.

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