FDSC 525 Food Quality Assurance (3 unités)

Offert par : Sc. de l'alim. et chimie agr. (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)

Administré par Sciences de l'agriculture et de l'environnement

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Food Science : The principles and practices required for the development, maintenance and monitoring of systems for food quality and food safety. The concepts and practices of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point; ISO 9000; Total Quality Management; Statistical Sampling Plans, Statistical Process Control; Tools of Quality; Government Regulations.

Trimestres : Hiver 2015

Chargés de cours : Inteaz Alli (Hiver)

  • Winter
  • 3 lectures
  • Prerequisite: AEMA 310 or permission of instructor
  • Restriction: Not open to students who have taken FDSC 425