BIOL 429 East African Ecology (3 unités)

Offert par : Biologie (Faculty of Science)

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Biology (Sci) : Field settings (Uganda, Kenya, and/or Tanzania) are used to impart training in ecological principles critical to tropical conservation with an emphasis on research design and field research exercises.

Trimestres : Hiver 2015

Chargés de cours : Lauren Chapman (Hiver)

  • Winter
  • The course is to be taught in Africa as a component of the Africa Field Study Semester. Students must register for the Africa Field Study Semester.
  • Prerequisite: BIOL 215 or equivalent.
  • Corequisite: NRSC/BIOL 451 and ANTH/GEOG 451
  • Restriction(s): Not open to students who have taken BIOL 329.