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Physics (PHYS)

Physics (PHYS)

The Department of Physics, the discipline, and specific courses are described in the eCalendar under Faculties & Schools > Faculty of Science > Undergraduate > Academic Programs > Physics (PHYS).

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) - Minor Physics (18 credits)

The 18-credit Minor permits no overlap with any other programs. It contains no Mathematics courses, although many of the courses in it have Math pre- or corequisites. It will, therefore, be particularly appropriate to students in Mathematics, but it is also available to any Science student with the appropriate mathematical background. Students in certain ...

For more information, see Minor Physics (18 credits).

Bachelor of Arts and Science (B.A. & Sc.) - Major Concentration Physics (36 credits)

The Major Concentration Physics, which is restricted to students in the B.A. & Sc. or B.Sc./B.Ed., is a planned sequence of courses designed to permit a degree of specialization in this discipline. This program is insufficient to prepare a student for professional or graduate work in physics; students interested in pursuing a career in physics are advised to take ...

For more information, see Major Concentration Physics (36 credits).

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