Linguistics (LING)

Linguistics (LING)

The Department of Linguistics, the programs, and specific courses are described in the eCalendar under Faculties & Schools > Faculty of Arts > Undergraduate > Academic Programs > Linguistics (LING).

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Minor Concentration Linguistics (18 credits)

This program may be expanded to the Major Concentration Linguistics.

For more information, see Minor Concentration Linguistics (18 credits).

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Major Concentration Linguistics (36 credits)

For more information, see Major Concentration Linguistics (36 credits).

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Joint Honours Component Linguistics (36 credits)

Students who wish to study at the Honours level in two disciplines can combine Joint Honours program components in any two Arts disciplines. For a list of available Joint Honours programs, see "Overview of Programs Offered" and "Joint Honours Programs". Joint Honours students should consult an adviser in each department to discuss their course selection and ...

For more information, see Joint Honours Component Linguistics (36 credits).

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