COMS 400 Critical Theory Seminar (3 credits)

Offered by: Art History & Communication Studies (Faculty of Arts)


Communication Studies : The tradition of critical social theory as it has influenced the field of media and communication studies. Strains of critical theory studies may include: Marxism; the Frankfurt school; poststructuralism, deconstruction and postmodernism; feminism; cultural studies, postcolonialism and critical race theory.

Terms: Fall 2014

Instructors: Darin Barney (Fall)

  • Prerequisites: One of the following 200-level courses: COMS 200, COMS 210, COMS 230 AND one of the following 300-level courses: COMS 300, COMS 310, COMS 320, COMS 330, COMS 340, COMS 350, COMS 354, COMS 361, COMS 362, COMS 365 or permission of the instructor.