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McGill's portal, myMcGill, gives students and staff a personalized interface to the University's information systems.

myMcGill is a collection of useful links and offers an integrated web experience with a single sign-on (SSO) to several McGill web systems. This allows you to access multiple McGill systems without being prompted for additional logins.

Systems that you can access through the portal are:

Revision, June 2013. Start of revision.

  • Athletics
  • Classroom A/V instructions
  • Exchange (email)
  • Gateway (
  • InfoEd
  • Library
  • Minerva
  • myCourses
  • myFuture
  • myLab
  • Visual Schedule Builder

Revision, June 2013. End of revision.

To access myMcGill, click Quick Links, available at the top of any McGill web page (e.g.,, and then click myMcGill, or go to Sign in with your McGill Username and McGill Password.

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