Health Insurance – International Students

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Health Insurance – International Students

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International Students (Non-Canadians or Non-Permanent Residents of Canada)

By Senate regulation, all international students (full-time, part-time, half-time, Additional Session, Thesis Evaluation, Non-Thesis Extension, Special, Exchange, and Visiting) and their accompanying dependants must participate in the University's compulsory International Student Health Insurance Plan (IHI). The University and the Quebec Ministry of Education require a copy of your proof of health insurance on file. Students covered by private health insurance are not exempt from the McGill plan. You must confirm your IHI contract on Minerva under the International Student Health Insurance Coverage Form and pick up an International Health Insurance card from Service Point, Downtown campus or Student Services, Centennial Centre, Macdonald campus upon your arrival at McGill University. For details on the health insurance plan and information concerning rates, consult the ISS website.

Students who meet certain criteria may be eligible for an exemption. Exemption requests must be made on Minerva under the International Student Health Insurance Coverage Form. Supporting documents for your exemption request can be submitted either in person at Service Point (McLennan Library Building, 3415 McTavish St., Montreal, Quebec H3A 1Y1), or scanned and emailed to international [dot] health [at] mcgill [dot] ca (ISS), indicating in the body of the email your name, McGill ID number, and exemption request.

Exemptions are valid for one year only, and must be renewed each subsequent year.

All inquiries related to McGill's International Health Insurance plan must be directed to International Student Services:

Note for the School of Continuing Studies: If you are registered in the Intensive English and/or the Intensive French programs, you should contact the Client Services Office, School of Continuing Studies at 514-398-6200 for information on health insurance.

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