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Email Communication

Email Communication

Revision, July 2013. Start of revision.

All students are assigned a McGill Email Address (usually in the form of firstname [dot] lastname [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca) and are given a McGill email mailbox. You can view your McGill Email Address and set your McGill Password on Minerva (, under the Personal Menu.

Revision, July 2013. End of revision.

Email sent to your McGill Email Address is an official means of communication between McGill University and its students. As with all official University communications, it is your responsibility to ensure you read and act upon University emails in a timely fashion. If you choose to forward University email to another email mailbox, it is your responsibility to ensure that the alternate email mailbox is valid.

You should read and familiarize yourself with the policies on Responsible Use of McGill Information Technology Resources and Email Communications with Students, found under Information Technology on the University Secretariat website at For more information on email for students, refer to and see For your Information Technology (IT) needs.

Note for Continuing Studies: The above services are not available if you are registered in short courses or seminars not recorded on the official McGill transcript.
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