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Qualifying Year of Study (for Entry into the M.S.W.)

Applicants to the Qualifying year of study for entry into the M.S.W. program who have completed a bachelor's degree (DCS/DEC from CEGEP plus a minimum of a 90-credit or three-year university degree, or a high school diploma plus a minimum of a 120-credit or four-year university degree) with a high B average (GPA 3.2/4.0), and have a minimum of one year of paid or volunteer professional social work or related experience, are eligible for consideration. Prior to entry, applicants must also have completed the following prerequisite courses within the last five years, achieving a minimum grade of B in each course:

  • one 3-credit undergraduate Research Methods course in the social sciences;
  • one 3-credit undergraduate Statistics course;
  • three 3-credit (9 credits total) Social Science courses;
  • one 3-credit undergraduate course in human development.

Applicants admitted to the Qualifying year are immersed, over two terms of full-time study only, in coursework and fieldwork. This full-time Qualifying year of study is comprised of 15 credits per term. Students who complete the one-year full-time Qualifying year of study at the School of Social Work are eligible for direct entry into the M.S.W. program (non-thesis only) provided they have secured a minimum B+ grade in each Qualifying year course and have successfully fulfilled all fieldwork requirements. We accept applications to the Qualifying year for Fall admission only, and for full-time study only, as this is an integrated program of study for the entire year that cannot be taken out of sequence.

For more information, please visit the School of Social Work website: www.mcgill.ca/socialwork.

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