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Bachelor of Arts and Science (B.A. & Sc.) – Interfaculty Program in Environment

The Interfaculty Program in Environment is open only to students in the B.A. & Sc. degree.

  • Ms. Kathy Roulet, MSE Program Adviser
  • Telephone: 514-398-4306
  • Email: kathy.roulet [at] mcgill.ca

To obtain a B.A. & Sc. Interfaculty Program in Environment, students must:

  • register in the program online, using Minerva;
  • satisfy the co- / prerequisites for the program;
  • pass all courses counted toward the Interfaculty Program with a grade of C or higher;
  • confirm that their course selection satisfies the required components of the program;
  • fulfil all requirements specified for the B.A. & Sc. in Programs, Courses and University Regulations > Faculties & Schools > Bachelor of Arts and Science > Undergraduate > Degree Requirements, which include meeting the minimum credit requirement as specified in their letter of admission.
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