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COMP 208 Computers in Engineering (3 unités)

Offert par : Informatique (Faculty of Engineering)

Administré par Génie et l'architecture

Vue d'ensemble

Computer Science (Sci) : Introduction to computer systems. Concepts and structures for high level programming. Elements of structured programming using FORTRAN 90 and C. Numerical algorithms such as root finding, numerical integration and differential equations. Non-numerical algorithms for sorting and searching.

Trimestres : Automne 2013, Hiver 2014

Chargés de cours : Nathan Friedman, Wenbo He (Automne) Nathan Friedman (Hiver)

  • 3 hours
  • Prerequisite: differential and integral calculus.
  • Corequisite: linear algebra: determinants, vectors, matrix operations.
  • Restrictions: COMP 202 and COMP 208 cannot both be taken for credit. COMP 202 is intended as a general introductory course, while COMP 208 is intended for students interested in scientific computations. Credits for either of these courses will not count towards the 60-credit Major in Computer Science. COMP 208 cannot be taken for credit with or after COMP 250.