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CIVE 207 Solid Mechanics (4 unités)

Offert par : Civil Engineering (Faculty of Engineering)

Administré par Génie et l'architecture

Vue d'ensemble

Génie civil : Stress-strain relationships; elastic and inelastic behaviour; performance criteria. Elementary and compound stress states, Mohr's circle. Shear strains, torsion. Bending and shear stresses in flexural members. Deflections of beams. Statically indeterminate systems under flexural and axial loads. Columns. Dynamic loading.

Trimestres : Automne 2013, Hiver 2014

Chargés de cours : Yixin Shao, Charles Manatakos (Automne) M Saeed Mirza (Hiver)

  • (4-2-6)
  • Prerequisites: CIVE 205 (a D grade is acceptable for prerequisite purposes) or MECH 210 (under special circumstances, the Department may permit this course to be taken as a corequisite) or equivalent
  • Four laboratory sessions and weekly tutorials