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CCTR 518 Differential History of English (3 unités)

Offert par : Traduction - expression écrite (École d'éducation permanente)

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Translation : This course offers a brief chronological survey of the linguistic development of the English language. Although students will study the language from Middle English onwards, and some initial attention will be paid to the prehistory of English (the Indo-European and Germanic languages) and Old English, the main focus will be on the lexical and grammatical changes of Present Day English and the regional varieties that have developed throughout the English-speaking world, as these are especially pertinent to the contemporary translator. Sample texts will be chosen from a wide variety of regions and periods to give students practical experience in dealing with this aspect of translation.

Trimestres : Ce cours n’est pas au programme de l’année universitaire 2013-2014.

Chargés de cours : Aucun professeur n’est associé à ce cours pour l’année universitaire 2013-2014.