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ANAT 458 Membranes and Cellular Signaling (3 unités)

Offert par : Anatomie et biologie cell. (Faculty of Science)

Vue d'ensemble

Anatomy & Cell Biology : An integrated treatment of the properties of biological membranes and of intracellular signaling, including the major role that membranes play in transducing and integrating cellular regulatory signals. Biological membrane organization and dynamics; membrane transport; membrane receptors and their associated effectors; mechanisms of regulation of cell growth, morphology, differentiation and death.

Trimestres : Hiver 2014

Chargés de cours : John R Silvius, Chantal Autexier, Nathalie Lamarche (Hiver)

  • Winter
  • 3 hours lectures
  • Prerequisites: BIOC 212 or ANAT 212 or BIOL 201, ANAT 262, one of PHGY 209 or BIOL 205; one of BIOC 312 or ANAT 365; BIOC 311 recommended
  • Restriction: This course is also listed as BIOC 458. Not open to students who are taking or who have taken BIOC 458