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Master of Arts (M.A.); Religious Studies (Non-Thesis) (45 credits)

Offered by: Religious Studies     Degree: Master of Arts

Program Requirements

Research Project (9 credits)

Required Courses (6 credits)

  • RELG 555 Honours Seminar (3 credits)

    Offered by: Religious Studies (Faculty of Arts)


    Religious Studies : Current trends in the study of religion, including the approaches of critical theory, feminism, post-modernism, and post-colonialism.

    Terms: Winter 2014

    Instructors: Jim Kanaris (Winter)

    • Winter
    • Restriction: For Religious Studies Honours students or with permission of the Chair of the Religious Studies B.A. Committee
  • RELG 645 Methods in Religious Studies (3 credits)

    Offered by: Religious Studies (Faculty of Religious Studies)

    Administered by: Graduate Studies


    Religious Studies : Theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of religion, including: historical studies/textual hermeneutics; ritual/performance studies; and religion and modernity.

    Terms: Fall 2013

    Instructors: Ellen Aitken, Davesh Soneji (Fall)

    • Note: Restricted to M.A. students in Religious Studies, except with permission of the instructor.

Complementary Courses (30 credits)

30 credits of courses selected from the 500- or 600-level courses accepted by the Faculty of Religious Studies for the granting of a master's degree.

Language Requirement

Students are required to give their area committee evidence of reading knowledge of a scholarly language other than English. This language may be either a modern language in which there is a significant amount of scholarship relevant to the student's area of research, or a classical language relevant to the student's area of research. If a classical language is chosen, it must be in addition to any prerequisite language for the area in question.

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