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About the McGill School of Environment

About the McGill School of Environment

McGill’s Faculties of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Arts, Science, and Law have forged a unique approach to the study of environment through the inter-faculty, trans-disciplinary McGill School of Environment (MSE).

The growth of technology, globalizing economies, and rapid increase in population have had dramatic and significant environmental impacts. These changes have been accompanied by an increasing awareness of the relationship between human activity and the environment. Environmental problems range from local and short-term degradation through to the perturbation observed over the entire globe and for many years. The importance of human-environment relations for environmental and social well-being, and the complexity and conflict involved in environmental analysis and decision making, requires a depth and breadth of knowledge. The MSE has developed its programs with the approach of introducing students to a broad range of ideas early in the program to provide a foundation and an openness upon which more specialized, disciplinary knowledge can be built.

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